Laos is the forgotten jewel of Far East Asia and the final destination point for the back packers and people who seek adventure; whether you're tubing down the Laotian Rivers or purely seek escapism.

Once part of the French Colonial Empire, this now Communist, luscious land locked country has more to offer than just its landscape splendour.

Lao Brewery Company

Founded in 1971 Lao Brewery Company Limited first began brewing their signatory beer on 1973, a premium beer that would combine the mastery of European beer making methods with an ingredient that was ingrained into the culture of Laos, rice.

Through curiosity and the sense of exploration the thirst for world beers is accepted and encouraged more than ever. Students taking gap years or professionals opting to take a sabbatical has influenced the taste buds of consumers when they return.

For people who are fortunate to experience East Asia, Beerlao has the emotional connotations that will propel you back to the "land of smiles" with one cold sip.